Tuesday, 18 August 2009

An update

Ok, no excuses. Just an update.

It has been a very busy month for me and I have fallen back a little (ok, a lot) on my exercise :-( My eating has been rubbish but I have tried to be within calories where possible so my weight, incredibly, hasn't suffered - although I have no doubt that I am only losing weight as my muscles are probably eating themselves since they've hardly been exercised!

Anyhoo, the reason for all this is that it has been the run up to my final day at work, which was yesterday. I have taken a voluntary redundancy package and am now officially unemployed! It is scary and exciting in equal measure. I want to change my life and I needed to do something radical or I would end up floating along being unhappy forever.

There, I've done it.

So the last month or so has been a constant round of breakfasts, lunches and dinners and celebratory buns (not helped by my birthday thrown in there) which are now, thankfully, at an end and I can get back into normal, healthy living.

My first day off is being spent getting my hovel of a house clean & tidy, I have such a backlog of chores so I am blasting it today and from tomorrow it is just a matter of keeping on top of things.

I am going to be making a real effort now to be an angel with my food. I actually find it harder at home to eat as much fruit as I do at work, but I have no distractions so no excuses!

As for my weight, I am currently at 9 stone 1.5 lbs, which is a total loss of 17.5lbs, which given the rubbish I have put in my body over the past few weeks, I can't quite believe I have maintained my loss! My luck was going to run out soon so I am glad I am 'starting again' at such a good point.

Interestingly enough, my neck pain has got significantly worse again in the 3 weeks or so which I have only been exercising twice a week - I am fairly intrigued by this as it would appear to mean I had perhaps done quite a nice job of strnegthening my muscles in the neck/upper body and the lack of exercise has taken me back a bit. I am very hopeful that a couple of weeks back to it will see an improvement in my pain again. I just need to resist the temptation to go too hell for leather, given that I am free all day every day!

Anyway, enough for now. I pledge that I will be updating you every day, lets see how that goes!


  1. Hey chick, I have missed your blog. Well done on maintaining your weight loss, I look forward to reading more updates :)


  2. Keep at it Jildo.

    You must have been doing something right, if you've managed to maintain.