Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I am officially.......


I was so looking forward to these challenges to help me refocus on my healthy eating and exercise and to be fair, it has done that.  But I have failed everything so far!

I have been over calories a couple of days - once by about 350 calories which is my worst ever but other than that only maybe 20 or 30.

I have hit 5 a day every single day, I have drank 2 litres of water every day so its not so bad.

No exercise for about 6 weeks now though :(  My bad neck is rearing its ugly head again so I've been forced into not going back to the gym to try and get it to settle down again.

Haven't made my green monster yet either, although I have bought the spinach so I might try it later!  I have just been so busy, so so busy and when I am at home I'm so wrecked I can't be bothered blogging.

Anyway, thats just a quick update.  One of these days very soon, I'll be back to routine and updating every day and maybe even being properly healthy again!


  1. 20-30 cals over is not enough to constitute a fail in my opinion Jildo! That's nothing! It's like a bite of your lunch.

    I wonder why we are finding it so hard to stick to this time round, we were both doing it for ages before!

    Sorry about your neck :(

  2. You haven't failed Jildo, stella is right - 20/30 calories does not = fail!

    Hope your neck feels better soon and you can get back into some sort of routine.


  3. Thanks chicas :)

    Crappy, I'm sure we'll get back into it soon enough, it took me ages before to manage it properly!