Sunday, 6 December 2009

Hello and goodbye....

Hello lovely people.  I've not been about much, been so busy and just not finding the time to blog anymore.  I'm maintaining my weight well so just don't have interesting enough words to bore you all with about what I am and am not eating!!!

I am still avidly reading all your blogs, so whilst I don't really intend to post much anymore (or for now, anyway), I will still be about and keeping up to date on all your lives.

Thanks to you all for being so lovely in my blogging life!!

If anyone wants to keep an eye on me and is on twitter, I'm gonna get active on there again - a bit less thought required than blogging!  Follow me...



  1. very best of luck mate, if you're maintaining nicely then that is fab news and the very best reason for not blogging any more :-)

    I'm only just getting used to the blogs, what on earth is this twitter you speak of?

    ;-) xx

  2. All the best! I will follow you on twitter...
    Good luck on the maintaining front :)