Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A new start! (Mondays post)

Well, this post should really be at yesterdays date but I had the wonderful idea (or should I say I copied my mates wonderful idea) of transferring my blog to Wordpress.  However I have spent several days trying to work it all out, and make my blog look nice and it just wasn't happening so therefore I'm still here!

My blogging has taken a back seat in the last month or more, for various reasons. Given I have had a 2 month break between jobs, one would think I'd have had loads of free time but no! I've had no time whatsoever! For the same reason, my eating and exercise have also been rubbish.
So today (Monday) I started a new job, and what better time to have a clean slate on my food and exercise as well.
Healthy eating really is so much easier for me when I have a routine. I set out in the morning what I am going to eat, bring nothing to work but a healthy lunch and healthy snacks and there is no option to stray! Apart from the first day scone bought by your boss, which you can't really say no too, of course....:S
So my lovely friend Stella http://stelladoeshealthyeating.co.uk/ came up with the idea of our little gang (JAG http://www.jagsfitnessblog.com/, Ivana http://ivanablogalot.blogspot.com/, myself & Stella) and anyone else who fancies it carrying out a series of mini-challenges. The 4 of us have spent the best part of 2009 supporting and encouraging each other through some serious weight loss and we've all let things slide a bit in the last few weeks. I have these chicks to thank for helping me lose 23lbs so far and they have all been superbly successful too. But we want to keep this going! It has been a lifestyle change, not a diet, but it is all too easy to let hard work slip away when life gets hard or busy.
So here it is....

Challenge 1

5+ portions of fruit and veg every day this week

At least 2L water every day (count water in tea/coffee/fruit squash)

Any exercise a minimum of 3 times in the week for at least 30 mins

Stay within calories for the week for those of us counting (focus on the week for now rather than each day)

Weigh in at start and end of the week (if appropriate) and report back on Sunday.

Start Monday.

Ok? So that's it. I have set my weight loss to 0.5 lb a week as I am only 5lbs off target weight of 8st 7lb. This allows me calorie allowance of 1697 per day.

Start weight today: 8st 12lb.
I'll report back tomorrow about today, Wednesday about tomorrow etc etc.
Wish us all luck!

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