Sunday, 21 November 2010

Come on Jildo!

Meh. I really must pull myself together.

It's been 5 and a half weeks since my operation and I'm at a stuttering halt in any progress I've been making. Maybe I'm not, but that's how I feel.

I'm achy rather than sore if that makes sense, but the worst thing is the complete and utter lethargy. I don't want to do ANYTHING. It's all I can do to drag my sorry ass from bed into the living room of a morning.

If I could buy motivation and positivity on eBay, I'd be the highest bidder but I've looked and apparently you can't.

So I need to sort myself out! Goal for the week is just to try and make an effort to get out and about a bit more. Ok, so it'll hurt, but I need to start strengthening my muscles up again and sitting on my ass in front of the telly is not a well-reknowned fitness building activity :)

I actually have an assignment to do for what I affectionately term 'Geek Club'. It's a photography group set up by a few past students of the same photography course I did - basically they set this group up as all the traditional photography clubs in the area are very competitive and quite unwelcoming of younger, new blood and wanted this to be more personal project focussed rather than competition. I joined up with my friend who I met on my course just as a means if remotivating myself for my photography as it's been severely lacking this year through one thing and another.

So I have a mini-project to do for that by next Monday, so that'll give me something to work on this week. I'll share with you as I do it, all feedback welcome!

Also this week I have my first post-op appointment with my surgeon. Hopefully it'll all be good news and that will perk me up too!

Anyway, enough of the misery and meh-ness, I've off to nom my chilli con carne!

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