Thursday, 11 November 2010

The rain and some movies

Wow!  This weather is unbelievable.  The rain is absolutely blattering against the window, the wind is so bad the bins are being trailed about the street and it is SO cold.

So, being off work sick on a day like this ain't so bad.  I got up, showered and got into some comfy clothes, cranked up the heating, lit a smelly candle (Yankee Sugar and Cinnamon, a gift from my lovely pals Sam and Lori) and have had chilled out all day.  I needed to really, I'm having a bad few days pain-wise, I'm not sleeping well and have just generally felt a bit rubbish :(

So I've been having a moviefest this last couple of weeks.  Watching movies is something I love but don't generally have a lot of time for, so I'm taking the opportunity to watch as many as I can.  This point is going to be ruined by the fact I'm crap at remembering the names of movies,  but I shall do my best in an attempt to produce a vaguely interesting post hahaha.

A few I can remember:

The Hurt Locker - AWESOME.  I'm into military stuff anyway but this is just an amazing movie and highly recommended.
Cemetary Junction - I put this on not having a clue what it was about or if it was any good, but actually really enjoyed it.  It's a British movie, set in 1973 and based around 3 best mates deciding what to do with their lives.  Pretty funny and an easy watch.
Social Network - Didn't expect much of this but really enjoyed it.
The Ugly Truth - Shite.  I'm not a great romcom fan at the best of times but I just found this stupid.  And Katherine Heigl does my head in.
The Joneses - I'd never heard of this before, it's about a fake family who are employed to live a perfect life to sell their lifestyle, clothes, cars, produucts they use etc to all the people they come into contact with.  It was ok, one of those movies where the time passed quickly but the story wasn't really that exciting. 
The Bounty Hunter - Rubbish, just rubbish.  Didn't even finish it.
Green Zone - A bit disappointed in this actually, I found the story slow and a bit monotonous which is surprising as I do enjoy all things military.  Not sure I'd recommend at all.

I'm sure there's more that I can't remember.  I'm watching Inception tonight and cannot wait.  I just it lives up to my expectations!

That's enough of the Film 2010 lecture :)  Off to grab some grub and cosy up!  Have a nice evening everyone xx


  1. The Bounty Hunter = rubbish??! What?!!!! C'mom!! If not just for the eye candy..seriously?!

    Anyway :o) yankee candle = lush! Agreed :o)

    Hope you're well lovey x

  2. I KNOW!! I love the Bounty Hunter! And Ugly Truth! I think Gerard Butler may have influenced me though.
    The Hurt Locker I agree is AWESOME though and I did also like Green Zone, but saw it at the cinema and don't think I'd bother watching it again.