Thursday, 25 November 2010

Coming of age?

Monsoon. Always been a shop that I classed as a bit old for me, a bit expensive for what it is and just not somewhere I'd think of shopping.

So if I now decide I like (some of) the clothes I ask myself has it changed or have I changed? Am I turning into an oldie? Am I one step away from getting my hair cut short and a weekly blue rinse? Not that I, for one second, think that people who shop in Monsoon get regular blue rinses of course, but the point I'm making is that I feel like I'm becoming older than I like to think I am. I'll always be 19 in my heart!

Anyway, the reason for this startling revelation is that I have bought my first purchase from Monsoon today and am actually very pleased with it. So really I don't know why I'm getting my knickers in a twist.

Here it is:

It was one of those ones that looked rubbish on the hanger but then I saw one of the shop assistants wearing it with a belt and cool shoes and it transformed it and sold it to me.

In other news, I got given a selection box today for the first time in about 10 years and am as happy as a 4 yr old on Christmas morning, munching away cheerily on various chocolate bars. Simple things. Reminded me how awesome Toffee Crisps are.

Further to my previous post about my pact with myself to force myself to get out of the house plenty this week, I am pleased to report I've stuck to that so far. The week started terribly, my sleeping was so awful and I just felt rubbish. But I've still dragged myself out and about, even when I least wanted to. As a result, I've had 2 excellent nights sleep in a row and I feel a huge amount more positive. I was at my first post-op appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday and they are more than happy with my progress, so I guess that's perked me up too.

Anyway, I'll stop boring you now as am off to make some mushroom and chorizo risotto for dinner - nom!

Taken a few nice photos this week too so will pop back later and share a few of those.


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1 comment:

  1. Gosh I know what you mean.
    I will worry when I start shopping for clothing in BHS lol

    I never shop in Monsoon either as I always feel its too old for me but I love Accessorize.
    Don't get me wrong Monsoon probably has some lovely items that are not oldie.

    That dress looks fab on you x