Monday, 8 November 2010

Well hello, it's been a long time....

Goodness me, nearly a year!

I started off the year concentrating on my photography and I started for the second year a Photo a Day project and focussed my blogging on that.  Taking an interesting and exciting photo every day is much, much more difficult than it sounds, believe me!  I'm not one to just take any old photo, I like every photo I take to be pleasing on the eye and before long, as always, life got in the way and my 365 project fell by the wayside!

Anyway, it's been a busy year.  Busy, busy, busy.  I train Army Cadets in my spare time and it seems to have taken over my life at certain points this year, and certainly between that and my 'normal' job, there hasn't been a lot of spare time for other things.  I love my work in the Army Cadets, it is unbelievably satisfying and a huge amount of fun, but my god is it tiring!

So where am I now?  Well, that is a story.  On the 14th October I went through my second lot of spinal surgery in the space of 2 years.  I spent a very traumatic week in the hospital and am now in recovery at home and likely to be off work until approximately January 2011.

After the last surgery, I put on the guts of 2 stone in weight which is what prompted me to start blogging in the first place.  Myself and some friends were going through a health and fitness drive together and began blogging and I realised it's actually pretty fun and have met some great and interesting folk as a result!

I am going to use my recuperation time to do some things I enjoy.  I am going to take some photos, as soon as I feel up to it.  I am plotting my exercise programme already for when I'm fit enough to begin exercise again and I cannot wait to do some yoga again.  I am spending a ludicrous amount  of money on clothes (I blame online shopping) which I might share with you over the next few posts :) I am also enjoying cooking now I have a bit more time on my hands and am trying to eat as healthy as I can to avoid putting on all that weight that I did after my last round of surgery!

Phew.  Think thats enough for now.  If you're still awake, then well done and thanks for reading!!!!

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