Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Ha! They've arrived!

Ooooh. My Ugg biker boots have arrived and are just as fab and comfy and cosy and funky as I hope they'd be!

I ended up buying them off eBay from an American seller and getting them for £175 compared to £250 in the UK. I always look into the sellers reputation on eBay before buying anything, particularly expensive stuff, but always still get twitchy in case my goods arrive and are duds. But happily these are the real deal and I thoroughly love them!

Here they are!

I was almost going to say I've reigned myself in from all the online shopping I've been doing lately then I remembered that I bought yet another pair of boots! But that really is IT now!

Here they are:

They're from River Island and I thought they'd be cute with dresses and skinnies. Can't wait to get the delivery now. My postman thinks it's hilarious that every day he's having to ring the doorbell to give me yet another parcel hahaha :D

Do they do hypnotherapy to stop people shopping?!

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