Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Weird Dreams

Well I'm still in early days recovering from my surgery on my neck and am still taking a load of painkillers, which are making me have even weirder than normal dreams. I do generally remember my dreams a lot, and have some corkers, but last nights was beyond weird. I probably wouldn't read on if you're a squeamish type!

I dreamt my eyeball fell out. Oh yes.

It went like this. The dream started with me looking in the mirror and my eye seemed to swell and just burst out of it's socket, and it had all this gunk attached.

It fell on the floor and I couldn't find it, clearly cos I now only had one eye. I seemed to be in a hotel room with my sister who's a nurse and I was begging her to phone an ambulance but she didn't believe me and refused and kept telling me to stop being so dramatic. She then left and I just kept running to the mirror and thinking 'Oh my god I've no eye!'
 The next thing in the dream it was the morning, and I looked on the floor and found my eyeball stuck to a piece of paper and all shrivelled so I ran to the bathroom and plopped it in a glass of water to rehydrate it so I could put it back in my eye. Only then did my sister actually believe my eyeball had actually fell out!

I woke up this morning so traumatised I got straight up to check my eyeball was ok and I can't stop thinking about the dream, it was so gross!

Sorry to now have grossed you all out but a problem shared and all that mwahahaha ;)

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