Monday, 25 May 2009

Are we drinking too much water?

Following stellas post, i looked at a few articles and they really do make very interesting reading.

This quote from the bbc article "If you are going to the toilet more than once every two hours or so that might be too much, especially if your urine is clear," she says, but adds that drinking too much water is unusual. is me all over! I am at the toilet at least every hour and my wee is almost clear.

I am not planning on freaking out here at all, but it is worth me bearing in mind that I am drinking up to 3 litres of water a day, on top of perhaps another litre between coffee and smoothie (orange juice) and then all the water I get from fruit & veg.

I'm not going to reduce my levels but I think I definitely won't increase my fluid intake any further!

I have been reducing my salt intake lately as I am trying to eat healthily but after reading these articles I may up it very slightly again, as I too, like stella, have found myself craving salt a bit - although I hadn't really realised it before!

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  1. It's definitely worth thinking about - nothing to get worked up over of course!
    Eating and drinking can get so complicated if you try and take all the advice on board but I like reading up and keeping things in the back of my mind (not in a paranoid way mind!)