Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Not gonna post my food for today as I didn't have the healthiest of days and it'll just look crappy - especially since i didn't post yesterday and my food yesterday was great! Having said that, I am still over 200 cals below my allowance for today so going to make a protein smoothie now to use them up as I have had a few days this week where I have been quite significantly under my cals allowance....

Good news though, even though it is against physio and doctors orders, I did 15 mins of aerobics tonight on my new Fitness Coach for the Wii. I wanted to get it set up and try it out so gave it a go and it felt ok. I know it sounds like nothing but after the year I've had, it's really quite a big acheivement to be bouncing about waving my arms around!

So I think my plan of action (to be gradually introduced in the next couple of weeks, don't tell the doctor) is stick with the Wii Fit for my muscle workouts and yoga as I like how it tells you you're doing it right, and the use My Fitness Coach for the aerobic stuff.

Thats the plan, please keep your fingers crossed my neck doesn't object....

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  1. Well done on managing to get in some exercise chick, you're doing so well :)