Saturday, 9 May 2009

My first blog post

So here I am, jumping onto the blogging bandwagon after the example set by my buddies JAG and stella who are both doing so fantastically in their health & fitness regimes.

I've had a week off my still new healthy living plan as I was on holidays in Barcelona and didn't want to have to be conscious of everything passing my lips - but I am pretty chuffed with myself nonetheless as I actually felt like I might have made a bit of a lifestyle change already as I didn't snack between meals at all (as I normally do on holiday on all piles of crap) and I came home at the same weight as when I left, quite a good acheivement I reckon!

The calorie counting starts again tomorrow. I joined WLR tonight as I want a more accurate account of my protein/carbs/fat intake. My problem is my physio has told me today not to do any exercise (other than some walking) for the next 2 weeks or so as I have had a bit of a flareup of my neck pain again and we have just about got it under control and need to let it settle now. So I am going to try to walk at least 30 mins every day except Monday & Wednesday (no time) and other than that stick to the healthy eating and see how it goes.

I also ordered the 'My Fitness Coach' Wii game, which apparently is more interesting than Wii Fit as it has 500+ exercises available and it tailors workouts to you without all the toing and froing between menus that comes with Wii Fit. Sounds good. Will still use the Wii Fit but nice to shake it up a bit. Not for the next fortnight though!!!

Phew, first post down. Now to stick at it :)


  1. Hi well done for starting your blog! Hope you don't mind me following you - I am missing HB so much so am keeping up to date with everyone's efforts on here!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Edna, course I don't mind, it's nice to have others input and I've had a nosey on your blog and I think I'll find it very useful indeed :)