Friday, 15 May 2009

Good news & bad news....

Good news.....I lost that 1lb I'd put back on during my holibobs, so back down now to total 4lb loss in 4 weeks which I'm happy with to be honest, given my inability to do any exercise and numerous blips along the way. I feel like I can maintain this and continue to lose steadily, hopefully keeping the weight off! Not measuring this week though, shall do that next week.

I'm really loving the thought that this time next week I could be under the fateful 10 stone mark.....*crosses fingers*

However when posting my food diary today later on, I shall hang my head in shame slightly. Fridays are the day me and my friends get a sausage bap for a mid-morning snack. It's tradition, I love it and I said I wouldn't sacrifice it. However, after eating it this morning I feel so guilty!

And whilst I'm wallowing in that, I am presented with 5 bags of funsize chocolates on the desk beside me as one of the girls is leaving today. Testing the willpower to the max or what. I am going to allow myself a mini packet of Maltesers though, as a little reward for just being me :D

I must say though I will not be having a healthy weekend - mainly due to circumstances outside my control. I am involved in a youth organisation and we are away on a adventure training thing this weekend. The chef at the centre we go to is amazing, but unfortunately we are given 3 hearty meals on Saturday and 2 on Sunday, and healthy options are classed as things like creamy coleslaw, spuds with no sauce etc, not what you'd really class as healthy!!! So I'll just have to grin and bear it, keep the portion sizes small and hope that the amount of activity I'll be doing will counteract some of the food I'll be eating....

Shall post my food diary later on.....

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