Thursday, 14 May 2009

Not enough hours in the day

I said willpower was my biggest enemy? I was wrong. Time is actually my biggest enemy. There isn't enough! 3 nights in a row now I haven't been going straight home for dinner. The last 2 nights I went to my sisters so I obviously ate what she made, wasn't awfully bad as she is pretty health concious but not what I would have made myself. Then tonight I had so many messages to do after work I am only in the door at 7pm and feel sick with hunger. It took every ounce of willpower in my body to not stop at KFC, but I had to compromise and since I forgot to take anything decent out of the freezer again (doh) I am having Tesco fishcakes. Again, not the worst but most definitely not the best. I am just so darn hungry I either make myself something quick or I spend ages making something healthier and eat biscuits while its cooking. Gah.

Still sore neck. Still no exercise :(

Anyway, must be positive. I'm not snacking on ANY naughty stuff (unless you include one boiled sweet, which would be harsh!!!) and my portion sizes are reducing, which is a big step for me.

B - Homemade muesli and semi-skimmed milk
S - Special K mini bites
L - Sandwich on wholegrain bread with 1 tsp light mayo, 1.5 slices of lean ham, red onion and a sprinkling of cheese
S - Half a fresh pineapple, banana
D - 2 fishcakes and baked beans :(
J - 1 boiled sweet!

Drinks - 2 mugs of black coffee and 2l of water so far

Calorie Summary
Daily Cal Quota: 1546
+ Exercise Cals: 0
Total Cal Quota: 1546
Calories Consumed: 1462
Calories Left: 84
Cals to Maintain Weight: 2046

Calories (kcal) 1462
Protein (g) 67.5
Carbohydrate (g) 197.4
Fat (g) 45.0
Fibre (g) 22.8
Fruit & Veg 4.9
Water (litres) 2.3

Percent Calories From:
Carbohydrate (52.3%)
Protein (19.1%)
Fat (28.6%)

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