Friday, 31 July 2009

I give up

Ok, thats not as dramatic as it sounds!

But after the writeoff that was last weekend, this week hasn't been much better. Actually Monday to Thursday were fine foodwise but I haven't exercised for a week and a half *gasp*

I have felt so unmotivated and having a few crappy food days last weekend demotivated me even more for some reason!

Its my birthday on Sunday so I am going to embrace the badness this weekend. I have not put on weight any week in 3 and a half months so I am going to bloody allow myself until Sunday night to enjoy my birthday weekend! It started today with my birthday buns (although all I had was a jam doughnut and it was heaven!). Tomorrow shouldn't be too bad as we are going for a Japanese (the wine may ruin it though :D) and on Sunday I shall be having the meal I have been dreaming off since April - an Indian! Can't wait.

I do plan to go to the gym tomorrow afternoon and hopefully get to spin on Sunday morning. And from next Monday - thats it. Back on the wagon. 100% commitment. The naughtiness will be out of my system and I'll be going for broke!

I have a reason to do it now too - found out yesterday that I have passed all my assessments to join the police (my dream job) and am now awaiting my medical date. Given my problems with my neck, I need to be superfit by the time my medical comes around so I can prove that my neck problem isn't an issue anymore. Hopefully that will be enough to keep me going!

So here's to jam doughnuts, wine and Indian food. Enjoy your weekends people *hug*


  1. Have a fabulous birthday chick!! And well done for passing your assessments for the Police :D

    Enjoy your weekend x x

  2. Have a really great weekend and birthday love xx