Sunday, 19 July 2009

Jammie Day

I have had such a chilled out day today, but yet still managed to get quite a lot done! I did 3 loads of washing, all my ironing (granted there wasn't very much), cleared out my paperwork and cooked a nice dinner and the next couple of days lunches.

I've had a lovely day to myself!

I've been a bit rubbish at posting my food recently, to be honest I'm not so worried about posting it in full every day now cos I feel like I am managing to keep on track very well. I will post it whenever I get the notion but I'd rather just focus on making sure I post something to my blog each day, no matter what, just to keep my healthier lifestyle in general on track.

I have had a couple of nice treats this weekend. Yesterday, I discovered the frozen yoghurt version of Ben & Jerrys Strawberry Cheesecake. Oh. My. God. It tastes exactly like the full fat version! I'm in love! I was very pleased at my restraint mind you - I weighed out 100g and then left the tub at my sisters house so I couldn't get lured in to eat the rest!

I am finding these days that much less of a treat satisfies my craving. I didn't know when to stop before, which was as much of a problem as the crap food itself!

Today, I treated myself to 2 squares of Green & Blacks mint chocolate, as I got to 7pm and had almost 500 calories left! I think cos I haven't left the house today I've not felt very hungry. I'm also going to have a scoop of raspberry ripple whey protein with milk before bed.

No exercise since Thursday - my DOMS have been crippling and this evening is the first I have felt half human again! I really hope I don't end up like this everytime as it is disrupting my plans!

Tomorrow night, I'm going planning to do weights and then go straight for a run on my way home to try and make up for what I should have done over the weekend.

Lets hope it goes according to plan!

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