Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A new chapter!

Yet again I've been neglecting my blog - was minding my 5 year old niece for 2.5 days so haven't had much time to blog/work out as you can imagine!

So, the plan was to go to spin class last night but to be honest, I had a very draining day and couldn't face it. The reason? I was accepted for voluntary redundancy from my job. So in 8 weeks I shall be officially unemployed!

Yes, there's a recession. Yes, I'm probably absolutely mental.

But, I have been working in the industry I am in for 13 years and I have never liked it. I constantly want to do something else and now I am given a chance to get a lump sum of cash, and keep some substantial benefits for life, and I think I'd have been mad not to take it.

Big risk though - I live alone and have no other income, so really need to find another job of some sort to tide me over until I decide what my next long term plan is. So fingers crossed for me please that it all works out!

The silver lining is.....if I don't manage to get another job straight away, think how fit I'll be as I'll be blasting away at weights and running every day!!!

In a bit of a rush so not going to post my food for today but I'll be back into the routine again tomorrow and shall be blogging every day!

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  1. Wow - congratulations on the start of a new life! I totally believe in fate and I think something will come along that you will love.. in the meantime you can enjoy looking after youself until that opportunity comes along.

    As for looking after a 5 year old for 2.5 days, that was probably like a 2.5 day continuous workout in itself?!!