Monday, 13 July 2009

New Goals

Taking inspiration from some of my buddies on here as well as some of the interesting articles and books I have been reading lately around fitness and nutrition, it feel important now to formally set some goals.

When I started this journey, I really only had one goal - to lose a stone in weight. I have acheived that, but now I feel I am beginning to view this as my lifestyle now and my new goals are going to be more specific to all aspects of my life!

So here goes:

1 - To lose a further 7lbs (bringing me below 9 stone for the 1st time since I was a teenager!!)
2 - To review my weights programme on a 6 weekly basis to keep my body from getting used to what I am doing
3 - To weight train minimum 3 times per week
4 - To run minimum 3 times per week
5 - To complete the 10 week Running Made Easy 5k plan (currently on week 4)
6 - To stay positive and motivated even when I have a crappy day and to admit to my crappy days on my blog :D
7 - To endeavour to eat well most of the time, particularly focussing on my protein/carb intake
8 - To try a new recipe at least once a fortnight

Phew! Think that will do for now!

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