Monday, 20 July 2009


I've got a sore leg :(

I was only about 10 mins into my workout (and hadn't even worked my legs yet!) when my hamstring started tweaking and by the time I got to my leg presses and stiff legged deadlift, it was really hurting.

I dropped my leg press to 2 x 10 and did 2 x 12 SLDL and 1 x 10 and had to stop.

Hope it goes away tomorrow - the last thing I need right now is an injury! I have smothered it in muscle gel and hopefully that will do the trick - feels a lil better already actually.

I had nice food today. I made myself something completely different and random for lunch - a spicy lentil salad. It looked absolutely disgusting but tasted lovely and kept me full all afternoon. Basically I cooked green lentils in stock and added harissa, chilli, tomato puree, a dash of tabasco and seasoning. Then once the lentils were cooked, I added red onion and sundried tomatoes. Delicious!

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