Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Mojo-related issues.

So, I was out last Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and then hungover on Sunday. Then between Saturday and Sunday and some point I pulled a muscle in my right calf and its is freakin' agony (although a tad better today). So that all means I have not done any exercise for a whole week. A whole week!

I feel downright miserable and like I have ruined it all.

[/drama queen]


  1. You have not ruined it at all - look at all the slips I've had!
    You've made great progress and deserved that treat! Don't let it get you down, god I'm such a hypocrite lol!

  2. I'm slipping as we speak lol. DOnt be hard on yourself, before it was probably a very normal week before, it just seesm extreme as you have changed so much.

  3. Mate, you haven't slipped. Don't give up, you're doing so well! Keep your chin up lovely


  4. I bet you've had a blinding time though hey? Like I've said before - this is one off stuff - you don't go out drinking 365 days a year do you?!! I really hope you enjoyed it all - you've worked so hard.

    And its true - we've all fallen/had time off at some point (except JAG, but then she is like, superhuman or something!).

    E x

  5. Lol edna! Thanks all of you - feeling a lil bit less miserable today but still completely unmotivated and am just going to accept that I'm clearly knackered, I'm going to get another early night and hopefully the mojo shall return in a day or two!!