Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Sweat where there shouldn't be sweat

Sorry, not a nice title but ruddy nora, that is what spin class does to me!

I don't think there is one pore of my body that doesn't emit sweat in this class but its awesome, I love it. Actually, thats not strictly true, I don't always love it when I'm doing it (I wanted to leave halfway through the second track tonight, I kid you not) but afterwards I feel so good that I have done it.

But I was gutted tonight when I took a sneaky peek at my HRM and it wasn't working :( I worked extra hard tonight and everyfink.

Anyways, I am most chuffed that my DOMS after yesterdays workout is nowhere near as severe as last week, so I actually feel I may be able stick to the exercise plan this week! Here's hoping....

1 comment:

  1. Does your bum crack sweat?

    I hate when you realise your HRM isn't picking up, it's mega frustrating!