Saturday, 27 June 2009

Gah! Weigh-in

Apologies that I have been thoroughly useless at blogging this week, between gym and trying to run and other things I have had very little time and been completely exhausted in the evenings, so have neglected my blog a bit.

I have eaten well this week, I have been within calories every day, and did weights on Sunday, spin on Monday and weights & a run on Thursday - yet I didn't lose any weight at all this week :(

Its the first time since I started all this that I haven't lost anything and I can't help but feel disappointed. However, instead of wallowing when I got off the scales (which I was very close to doing) I went straight in and put my gear on (at 8am this morning!), and took myself out to the rugby pitches for 35 mins run/walk, burned 208 cals and am really quite pleased with myself for doing it!


  1. Don't give up mate, you're doing brilliantly! xx

  2. And so you should be pleased with yourself for that :D!

    Don't worry..I've learnt that if you do everything right and keep at it then the weight will soon fall off. I remember people telling me that at the time and I was all "meh" about it but it's truuuuueeeee x

  3. I stayed the same for a few weeks - very frustrating... it soon came off after though xx

  4. Thanks gals, keeping my fingers crossed!