Saturday, 6 June 2009

So now I realise....

.....why i've been so lethargic and demotivated this week - I have woken up today with a stinking cold and feel so rotten :(

I was even going to go to spin this morning given my new gym membership! I hadn't intended joining a gym again but the local gym are doing an offer saving almost £15 a month on full membership so i couldn't resist. I was also very impressed by the PT who I get 3 free sessions with, who is a sports physio specialising in rehabilitation, which is just what I need.

I really really hope I feel better for my first session with him on Monday!

As for my food, I have been behaving myself in the most part, but just cannae be bothered posting it all. I'll be back on the blog wagon as soon as I feel better, I swear...

Oooh but I did lose 0.5lb this week, which I was pleased about since I have done no exercise!


  1. Feel better, swede tart xx

    half a pound is excellent, considering you haven't been able to exercise.

  2. Oh hun, hope you feel better soon xxxxx