Saturday, 13 June 2009

Weigh in & measure day!

I have changed my weigh in day from Friday to Saturday as on my measuring weeks I don't have time to do it in the morning and by the time I get home from work I'm generally bloated up!

So....*drumroll*......I have now lost 10lbs! :D

Another 1.5lb this week, which is great as I didn't really expect it - probably lost it in that spin class alone lol!

And my inch loss is total 15 inches. not bad for not much exercise. Starting my free weights programme with the trainer so hoping my next measurements will reflect that....

Loss: 15/04/09 - 13/05/09
Weight 10.0lb
Bust 2.5 inches
Under Bust 3.0 inches
Belly 2.0 inches
Bum 2.5 inches
Hips at Widest 2.0 inches
Top of Thighs (L) 0.5 inches
Above Knees (L) 1.0 inches
Calves (L) 0.5 inches
Upper Arms (L) 1.0 inches
Total 15.0 inches

Oooh and I'm going down to Dublin to see Take That today so i hope any cals I waste on crappy food will be burned off in shouting and screaming and jumping around like a teenager :D


  1. Fabulous result mate, so proud of you! And have fun at Take That :)

  2. What a brilliant weight and inch loss =] !! Massive well done x

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! xxx

  4. Wow! Well done, that's amazing!!

  5. That inch loss is brilliant! And well done for measuring so thoroughly - I wish I had done but I never think I am getting it right!

    10lb is also fantastic.. well done and enjoy take that - give Gary a kiss from me..! xx